Sunday, November 01, 2009

Because I am crazy.

Um. Remember when I done lost mah mind and did National Novel Writing Month in 2007?

Me, too!

Starting today I'm... doing it again?

(My conviction is overwhelming.)

But this time I'm going to break the rules a tiny bit. Instead of one, long 50,000-word story (novel), I'm going to (attempt to) write 10 5,000-word short stories. Why? Because I want to. Huzzah!

I figure it'll do my preggo brain good to have to come up with 10 different ideas over a month, but also, in some crazy way, be a little easier because after each 5,000 words I'll get to say: NEXT! Just like that MTV show.

It's also a good move to get some short stories under my belt. I've never really done them and it's sorta something I should.

And maybe, just maybe, pounding out these words will get me inspired to finish up the other story on the side. (I don't have TOO much left to do on it - I've just run out of steam and fallen a little out of love.) Because even if I don't do anything with it afterward, even if it sits in a drawer for awhile or forever until kids have gotten all these vampire books out of their system, it'll feel good to have it done and done.

So! Today. After brunch, after a walk, after baking pumpkin bread, after staring into space. Today it starts.

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  1. i will root you on by harassing you about it regularly, if needed. that is how i show my friendship.


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