Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our lady pal buddy friend!

I want to feast on her cheeks! The sweetness!

(She's already a talker - kept opening and shutting her mouth the whole time.)

All looks good with mama and baby. Love that lady!


  1. *looking at the extension name of the jpeg file*


    look! she's wrinkly! like a little old man ;)

    um anyway. could her lips be any more perfect and angelina jolie? she's absolutely gorgeous. and that pixie nose, turning up a little on the end.

    clay - good luck in the future, buddy.

  2. Good gravy, you can see her actual face! I always have found it hard to believe that ultrasounds are taken of real, actual people, but this erases all of that. I love love love love it - she is so beautiful!

  3. what a beauty she is!!! i think she looks like you! wow those 3d photos are amazing. i cannot wait until she's here!!

  4. wow, these 3D images are amazing!

    amy!!! there's a baby in there!!!

    she looks perfect.

  5. That is amazing! She is so cute. Love to you all...

  6. christie4:14 PM

    Hello there little lady!! So glad the two of you are doing well. She's a looker!

  7. you're doing such a good job of cookin' up your lil clamy (you know.. clay + amy.. yes, i'm lame). i agree with kalen - she's gorgeous and perfect and going to be a KNOCKOUT.

    i'm such a proud blog-mama & she's not even here yet! :)

  8. ps) just in case no one could tell, there is a huge yellow word on the left hand side that tells you what you're looking at.


  9. haha i think she really *might* have some full lips. she must get it from her dad and her mom and my mom and my brother and and...

    i'm getting really spoiled with all these ultrasounds - next pregnancy i prolly won't need them and i'll be going BUT WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE??

    and yes. i, too, enjoy the friendly reminder that this is her FACE. FACEY FACE FACE MCFACERSON.

  10. i love her little nose!

  11. thought bubble for baby girl-
    "No way! She said WHAT?"

    haha- she looks like she's intently staring at someone and saying the above! So cute!

  12. Cindy6:21 AM

    I missed seeing this until Sat...truly moving. I agree that she looks as if her lips will be full; what beautiful features. Are you going to save all of these comments to show her on her 16th birthday? :) But my prediction is that her eyes and eyc color will be the spell-binding facial feature because you and Clay both have wonderful eyes. Cindy C


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