Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Starting on Friday:

First.) Work is done (!)
Second.)  BJA heads to Minneapolis to hang with Mary (and Clay.)

See, husband guy is there on a new project and I'm heading there to save him lots of back-and-forth flights and to check out a new city. I'm most excited to visit all the ridiculous Mary Tyler Moore goodies sprinkled around and to hang with my BU buddy Lauren, whom I haven't seen in years. I think the last time was when I was in that play where I wore that underwear and kissed that girl. Ah, my acting days.

I'll be gone from SF for awhile. After a week in Minneapolis, we're off to Missouri to hang with our buddies who just moved there, then we'll continue onto East Tejas for turkey and pecan pie and Sonic beverages with those little, highly crunchable, balls of ice. Then back to Minneapolis for more wholesome midwest fun.

I'll land back here in a month or so, ready to bunker down and burrow in for a long, baby-filled stay on the ground.

(And don't ye worry; bumpdates and the like will continue on my sojourn.)


  1. Oh jeepers, that picture is seriously my desktop pic right now. I thought I was the only 30 something gal who LOVES Mary.

  2. And P.S. when will you be in Minneapolis? We land there a few days before Thanksgiving to hang with the fam in Wisconsin.

  3. You're gonna make it after all!

  4. who can turn the world on with her smile? amy caaaaaaaaaan. :) oh, MTM.

    have fun with clay and friends and baby lady!

  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Continuing the medical concerns have you checked off the H1N1 vaccine shot?

  6. I'm fairly certain I tried on that coat yesterday.

  7. sonic iceeeee *hisses*

    you can buy it here in huge bags. ppl do it all the time. us kentuckians are obsessed w/ sonic ice.

  8. ps) who is anonymous & their health concerns? they are making me nervous.

    you're making me health-paranoid, anon!

  9. ahaha. quake in your boots, mz. kay! :)

    think i'm gonna stop answering health questions unless there's a person-with-a-name asking them.


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