Monday, November 30, 2009


The very brief word on the street (heard through text and Twitter) is my Gram's out of surgery and all went fine. (Although she ended up having a quadruple bypass instead of a triple. Dang.) Now comes the crazy recovery process. Go go gadget Gram! You can do it.

In other news, I want to marry Clay (I already did? Oh.) because he did weeeeeeeeeks of laundry last night. AND THEN FOLDED IT. This last part always seems to defeat me - the laundry will get clean, but lives in the basket or on the bed for days - so I'm pretty much worshipping the ground he walks on right now.

(Um, he also woke up at 4:30 this morning to catch a flight back to Minneapolis so he can work his tail off till midnight every night and probably not get a dinner break. Don't know how he does it while staying so calm. Your ladies love you to smithereens, McGavin.)

But back to the laundry. See those things in the lower right corner? My purple sweatpants. He even folded the heinous purple sweatpants instead of burning them. That is lurve.


  1. I love Clay for making my Aims happy. Glad things are looking up some for you, darling, hope things continue to get better. You have much love from my corner of the universe!

  2. i'm so glad everything went well with your gram's surgery! that sounds ..very serious but she's one lucky lady to have her family rooting for her. i'll be thinking of her too!

    i loved your reference to mr gadget. i was OBSESSSSSED with that show - my brother and i would watch it religiously and seriously sit like, four inches from screen so we didn't miss a thing. probably why i wear glasses now. ha.

    clay is one super dude! when lain does the laundry, i swoon. and all he does is wash & dry it. i figure, at least it's something. i loathe folding/putting away clothes but i find listening to music helps me get through it. haha it sounds so bad and it's really only clothes.

    your purple sweats look comfy. :) i'm in my favourite pair now and was just thinking i need a few new yummy pairs. they're a must.


  3. Ames,
    Gram was a champ! She went into this thing with gusto and is doing well. Although we missed you during the fretful waiting room marathons, Gram will be back in action in no time.
    Yer Cuz

  4. so glad your gram is through surgery!

  5. thanks everyone!! fingers crossed for a strong recovery.

    oh and @jordan -- gap body has amaaaaaaaazing fleece sweatpants right now that i LIVE IN. look into it!

  6. It's the putting away of all the small baby and kids clothes that always gets me!

  7. don't make me think about that yet, eric!! i'm barely functioning in the laundry department now!

  8. Cindy C8:11 AM

    Tell Clay not to trash those purple sweats; they would bring a pretty penny down here in the LSU area. I am proud of him for being such a gem. Glad things are looking up.

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