Friday, November 06, 2009

Bumpdate: 26 weeks, 2 days

Can't tell if you can tell, but apparently there's been some sort of belly change this week. Multiple people in the past few days have said WELL NOW YOU LOOK PREGNANT.

Oh do I?

I think the difference is that even under clothes, this thing is getting serious. All business all the time.

The weirdest change is calculating what I can and can't fit through. Like the small spaces between parked cars or tables at a restaurant. And of course I always err on the side of not-caution. And then wine glasses are falling or I'm suddenly contemplating calling Triple A to get me out from between these Saabs.


  1. Your belly is so filled with baby! Wonderful!

    Haha i remember not being aware of my girth and trying to fit through tables at a restaurant - i knocked everyone in the back of the head with my giant circumference - sorry! sorry, sorry - sorry about that... Sorry! Hahah love that.


    i bet it also throws you off to do the "phat rap" with a bump...what with all the hand motions in front of the mid section and all.

  3. Wahl, I've never been pregnant but I do have that problem with my ass.

    You look beautiful. HI BABY!

  4. Cindy C6:09 AM

    You know the little girl is happy to have so much room to move around in. Amy...get ready for tighter quarters. :) I laughed at emmysuh's comment. Thanks for the pictures; I love Friday's now for this.

  5. i hate that i can't fit in between cars anymore. i was carrying a basket of laundry into our bedroom the other day and i realize after hitting my belly on the side of the dresser, that i can not fit in between the dresser and bed any more. it's ridiculous. just think, we have MANY more weeks to go.

  6. also be careful - my obgyn told me she has seen a bunch of patients come in with BURNED BELLIES from getting too close while cooking something on the stove!!



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