Monday, November 09, 2009

A transcript of a message from my OB

For some reason, this made me laugh for like 10 minutes straight as I listened to it on repeat.

Hi Amy! It's Dr. ___

Wanted to let you know I received your ultrasound report from the 3rd of November and the baby is...big.

*laugh laugh giggle*

The abdominal circumference is big, too.

So you'll be getting another ultrasound to check up on her size next month.

Now, the good news is the placenta is in the right position - so no longer the placenta previa.

But... it's a big baby!

And hopefully it'll start to slow down on growth.

See ya at the next appointment!

I kept thinking she was going to yell at me, like robogirl's bigness was my fault? Because doctors are really good at that. But nope! She just wanted me to know that little lady is a bruiser. It must be the Texas in her.


  1. Cindy C8:28 AM

    Sounds like our little lady will have a great future in roller derby or my dream...golfing in the kingdom. :) Hang in there Amy.

  2. Ames, just remember. Even if your big baby looks like a "monster" (thanks dad), they can grow up to be beautiful.

    Unfortunately, that didn't happen in my case, but I still think it's true.

  3. christie10:26 AM

    Big is beautiful!

  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Big baby? No big thang...
    Ben = 10 lbs 11 oz = piece a cake
    Don't you worry about a thing!

  5. oops..I forgot to "choose my identity" but the comment about Ben is from his mother, who popped him out in an hour. As I said, no big thang. Well, actually he was kind of a big thang but the birth was easy-peasy.

  6. That's true Amy... my brother was a big baby and my mom said the labor was so quick she almost had him in the car. Me and my sis were small but of course we couldn't make it easy for her. However quickly after birth i got the name "buddha baby" and "little sumo". Nice right? hugs to the little big one!

  7. i was also almost 10 lbs, and the labor was quick. my mom didn't even have time for a pain reliever!

    ... they called me torpedo head, however. and i looked like a red-faced native american baby.

    luckily i have enough native american in me to me native american baby...

  8. what did i just say?

  9. good thing your placenta moved :) i wish i knew how much hannah weighed and her height, they never told me during the ultrasounds. i guess she's okay or they would've said something, right? my fundus/fundal height is 27cm and i'm 29 weeks pregnant. not sure what that means either! lol.

  10. haha these comments made me laugh.

    thanks, fraaaands.

    (and sidenote: weight guesses on babies are famously inaccurate. the only thing that's for sure at this point is she's LONG.)

  11. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Please check for Gestational Diabetes.

  12. I didn't know there was such a thing??? Maybe I should open a book on pregnancy after all...


    I've got all that fun and painful diabetes testing covered. The pretty track marks on my arms are proof. But we thank you for your concern.

  13. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Good glad your covered. The reason GD is up to 10% of pregs is because many OBs forget to test, especially on BIG babies.


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