Monday, November 02, 2009

Don't get too close or I'll eat you, too

This morning brought me and the lady another monthly appointment. Same little waddle down the hill, ride up the elevator, pee in the cup, step on the scale (gag), heartbeat listen, rinse repeat.

The cool thing doctor lady did this time was figure that wacky fundal height, where they take a tape measure and see how far it is from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. Starting around 24 weeks, the distance in centimeters should match up with how far along you are. Science experiment!

Sho 'nuff it's 26 centimeters from mah bone to the top of the ute. Nuts!

Hearing the heartbeat was also good times. Little friend was RIGHT THERE and stopped moving for a few seconds so we got this super clear listen, complete with this sharp *click click click* - her heart valves opening and shutting. Aw, buddy!

Not good times? Doctor asking me

"So...what did you EAT for Halloween?"

Because I gained a few extra lbs this month and..she wanted me to feel super sad and chubby? Fail.

I got that quick sting of tears and felt 100% fug, but shrugged it off and gave her a death look. Because seriously? I know I'm on track, I know I'm healthy, and screw you for making a preggo feel self-conscious about her pod person body.

Moving on!

Tomorrow I've got a funner-er appointment for my monthly cervix check. Which means foto time!

Hopefuly we'll get some good shots and I'll post 'em for ya tomorrow.

Chubby out!


  1. Whaaaat? How dare she? She can suck it. I'll kick her.

    You're beautiful, Ams, and also GROWING A PERSON. Eat her next time she asks.

    Glad you are healthy and everything is on track.

  2. um... unless you're photoshopping the crap out of these, i can see ty=hew pics and you are super gorgeous and skinny! you are one of those skinny preggos that everyone is envious of.

    dude i gained 42 lbs and they warned me every time, and the next time i'm like GUESS WHAT IM BIGGER!

    dont listen to their crap comments you're gorg!!

  3. doctors are really good at making you feel like crap. it's because they work too much and wish they became copy editors at video game companies instead. IGNORE THIS WOMAN! trust me.


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