Wednesday, November 04, 2009


As the time till our girl gets here draws closer and closer, I've been spending more and more time thinking over the pieces of my childhood that made me who I am, that made me feel happy and safe and confident.

Of course, many of my happy memories lie with my family; those are the ones I think of most when I think of the life I want to create for our buddy.

But there were important outside influences, too. One special one, maybe my most favorite, might have been your favorite, too. I've been searching everywhere for DVDs of his shows because I want to share with the little lady all the good stuff he brought us.

And lately, I've taken to watching this short little video. It reminds me, on the days I need reminding, that I'm doing just fine. 


  1. Oh my gosh... that brings tears to my eyes. We need more Mr Rogers in this world.

  2. ohhh dang, i hold mr. rogers close to my heart. :) i love old shows that remind me of growing up - mr. rogers, mr. dressup, under the umbrella tree, lots of sesame street, fraggle rock.. oh man, i shouldn't even get started.

  3. Lauren G6:40 AM

    oh Amy...that is so beautiful. Thank you for finding that and sharing it.and I will give you props on Facebook when I repost. =)I need to just keep watching it. Love you.

  4. mr. rogers was legit. what a good heart and a great example to all.

  5. Oh jeez lady, I just cried tears, real tears. That was just what I needed today, so sweet. I watched Mr. Rogers regularly until I was 14 years old, no joke. He felt like a surrogate grandfather to me.

  6. Well, ya got me today, Amy! Remember how tickled Liz and I were about the "Wicked knife and fork" opera? And the "Sweater" opera?? I always think of Liz when I think of Mister Rogers...we giggled til the milk ran out our sweet was he, and how calming for everyone who watched him....and yet how crazily funny and creative, too! Can anyone think of any more of his "operas" besides the two I've mentioned??

  7. He was just the best.

    And I'm seriously panicking because our local PBS station doesn't play him anymore (???) and he only has a few episodes released on DVD! What to do??

    (@mom How much would we pay to have the full recorded operas on CD??
    Was the Sweater opera the same as the one with all the bubbles??)


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