Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flibbidy gib

"Love them or hate them? The big changes Facebook is making!"

So said the local anchorman on a commercial break from my beloved shows' season premiere night. (Weeeeeeee!) Quick q: WHY DO PEOPLE WATCH LOCAL NEWS?! I can't even deal that that sentence just came out of a "professional" newsman's mouth. As a fellow human, I do not know where to look.

(I don't even watch non-local news. I read it. Much faster and much less heart attack inducing.)

Didn't mean to go on a news vent.

Just meant to show ya this pic of Harper Junebug Ham Sammich Queen Bee. This face is so her.

Out on her walk. Examining hey-ho-knows-what in her grubby hands. Furrowed brow. Tasty cheeks. Deep thoughts. Rinse repeat.

She has been on this absolutely insane learning bender the past week or two. (And I mean, all babies the first few years are always learning learning learning of course...) But it's just kicked up a few hundred notches. She does not stop chattering (much of it her own weird language, but a good amount English too) and asking what everything is and getting so frustrated (read: lie down in the sidewalk and kick) if I'm not answering exactly what she's asking. And remembering weird things from days before and combining the ideas and concepts and never stops churning churning wheels grinding. I have to suck on lozenges all day to keep up with the level of (vocal) interaction she needs -- and hey, happy to do it... Just zzzzzzzzz. I should be falling asleep at 8 these days, not 11.

Whew. Toddlers. They are special little robots that make my heart explode.


  1. I watch the local news because I'm kinda a news junkie if nothing else is on. But really, I love how they think they're so badass at their investigative reporting. And I love seeing what outfits they chose to wear, because 90% of the time they are quite blindingly offensive to my eyeballs. My fave part is when a storm is coming and all the meteorologists are wearing glasses!
    But the best was when they were talking about a burglary suspect at large and they wanted to cut to a photo of the man...It was their storm animal mascot, a giant penguin! Major flub! I died.

    Ok. Enough with my ramblings.

    Isn't it funny how you think that once kids get bigger you might be able to slow down more? My 4yr old won't stop talking, but now he knows when I'm not listening. The droning and incessant questioning is insane! But I love knowing his brain is just getting bigger.

  2. Harper lies down on the sidewalk and kicks? It is her own version of Baby Does Yoga :) She is so pretty in that little pink sweater with the brown and pink shirt. It only gets better; when she is able to really have a conversation, you will be so entertained and amazed. (I mean more entertained and amazed...)

  3. Hahaha I said the exact same thing when the news came on last night. I was watching it because I was too exhausted to even read last night and just wanted to zone out a little before bed. I consider the local news to be like tabloid, guilty pleasure, something to make fun of.

    Harper's so cute, it's making me excited to see what ours will do in the future!

  4. @celina: aahhaa. penguin. aaah. okay okay i see your point -- comedy gold. and YES it's so scary that as each day goes by, she's more and more onto me. like, no sneaking out to eat candy... she SMELLS IT.

    @frugal: guilty pleasures are my thing so... i'll stop judging ;) i always like looking ahead in time to other babes, too. i never quite believe mine will be able to do what they all are, but somehow it happens! :)

  5. Just wait until she gets to the Why? Why? Why? stage! Keep those lozenges ready.


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