Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Little House

Today is the lovely Krista's berfday, so when I saw Harps reading this book tonight (sent to her by Ms K), I quickly snapped a shot. It's one of her very favorites, one of her go tos for the manic reading fests she gets into.

I love when she starts a self-play sesh, because for 10 or 20 sometimes 30 minutes, I can kick back with some knitting or tea or even talk on the phone for a bit while she's happily occupied (usually talking to herself in this teeny tiny little voice, saying whoknowswhat). Mama bliss!

And hey no, thought I'd get this out of the way -- I didn't send Harps to school today. I tossed and turned some last night, but woke up this morning knowing it wasn't happening. If she were 3, 4, or 5 and I was really "not sending her to school" I'd brace myself for judgment, but I'm hoping peeps just realize she's a little babe still (19 months!) and it was supposed to be a treat for me instead of something really developmentally necessary for her. (Girlfriend is right on track socially, gots no worries there.)

But.. lesson learned I've gotta get her comfy with me leaving sometimes. And I do still want some time during the week to take a yoga class or get my hairs did; but I'mma start slower. This way had her tossing and turning for a week straight (crying out "no! no!" in her sleep) and desperate for me when I left to use the bathroom. Which I can't have! I must have those solo play sessions or I die! Plus, she didn't sleep straight thru 11 hours (her norm) till last night. It was like newborn lifestyle for a week! Heck no. Mama needs her rest and peace of mind. I know she'd eventually adjust, but psssshhh. Not into it.

And so, well rested at last, we stayed in our pajamas all day. Had some friends over. Ate treats on the couch together, Skyped with my mom, snoozed at the same time, went to the park with a coupla other pals and slid down puddle covered slides, colored (our arms), made dinner with Raffi in the background. Cozy sauce.

Tomorrow cc's mom cruises into town = Harps will soon have a full time servant. (Or so is my plan.) Looks like some luscious fall weather's en route as well -- hope for you as well. Happy weekend!


  1. amy! i love this photo. i love it more today because it's cooler here this morning and it makes me feel all cozy.

    that book played such a huge part in my life growing up, i'm not sure why? i'm so glad she likes it. i still have my old copy and just...argh, the colors! it's so pretty and all the white space around the pictures and i dunno. sad little house. i'm really, really glad she likes it. <3

    when she gets older i'll have to send her my absolute favorite book ever - the strange thing that happened to allen brewster. it's about a boy who tries to turn himself into a plant for his school science project. also there is lipstick and avocados and brilliant bright green pictures. i think harps would love it.

    again, thanks. this made my night and then my day! :D

  2. As a third-party witness, I'd just like to back up that this book gets some major air time around the cowan household.

    HJ - "One mo?" x4 "Uh-huh"

  3. HA, okay, now i feel kinda bad. i'll send throat lozenges with next book.

  4. good for you trusting your mama instincts! plenty of time for school. don't get me wrong, mama-time is very important, but; there are lots of good options out there for finding a couple hours of coverage...

  5. I would've made the same decision. And 19 months is still itty bitty!

    Enjoy your cozy times and MIL help, Mama.

  6. @krista: lozenge donations accepted ;) i actually just bought a huge bag because my throat was hurting from it all. and i've learned to read in a creepy high register so it hurts less. ha. and that book sounds delicious -- she'll eat it up one day!

    @leanora and laura: thanks, gals. i basically had to tell myself: 'if you were on a desert island and no one knew your decision, what would you do?' which made it easy :) and now i need a cozy older lady type to watch h...

  7. Ahh love it . And I love that you are starting H in preschool. I wish there were one nearby for Lucy! She can't attend until she's 2.9 (March) in any official preschool, and the others are so daycarey and only want full time or else have 1+ yr waiting lists and are super expensive. Lu would love it though. And gotta love the days off with Mama too.


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