Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh, a few pictures and stories from my Monday

I meaaaaaaaaaaaaan the cheeks! The Kewpie hawk! The cleft-in-her-chin-from-cc! The rosy lips! I have to physically hold myself back from eating her entire face after she wakes up and looks like this. 


I'm really confused, but while looking for an orange crayon today, I found this lipstick I bought pre-pregnancy, at MAC in San Fran. The lipstick I've looked high and low and middle for the past two years. But then... it was in my junk drawer, a thousand miles from where I bought it? No no, of course. I'll probably never wear it again because I'm a wimp, but it made for a very fancy Monday afternoon. (And yes, I'm always tired.. but those dark circles have been on my face since I was 7. Blame the Lebanese in me?)

This is the pinkest picture ever, probably. Harps and cc's mom, hanging and reading in their jammies. Aw.

If I give you 12 (okay, probably 2) dollars, will you please come over and clean this for me? She's in bed and I really don't want to put the caps on all those markers and gather up the books and put together the puzzles and sweep the floors and put Big Bird back on the couch. I want to watch my stories and sip hot tea. Non?

Ni ni!


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  2. i am a commenting fool lately!

    but yeah, i'm gonna need the name of that lipstick, stat.

  3. FABULOUS lipstick, and you totally pull it off. Wear it!

  4. you should wear the lipstick. It doesn't even look that fancy - just fantastic!

    Also, isn't "we're going on a bear hunt" the best book ever?

    And...where are that chair and table from in the corner of the room? I love them.

  5. The lipstick is not overly fancy at all - it's perfect! I love it on you. And it makes me jealous that you're a "lipstick person" and I didn't know it. :(

    Please also give me the name of Harper's blush.

  6. Like the lipstick.

    I shall now blame the Lebanese as a people for the dark circles under my eyes that have plagued me my whole life (should prob note that I am not of Lebanese descent, but v. satisfying to place blame). Sometimes people would ask me if I got into a fight.

    Cause clearly, CLEARLY bookworm Laura was a fighter on the side.

    Whee! High five.

  7. that's pretty much a perfect summary for the uninitiated into momhood...while looking for the elusive orange crayon in the crayon drawer, I found a lipstick that's been missing for 2 years.

    and me like the lipstick.

  8. HOT mama! and it's so refreshing to know that at the end of the day your living room matches my living room, and your only-wanna-sip-tea attitude matches my only-wanna-sip-tea attitude. high five!

  9. Hey gee, thanks guys! I felt silly posting that pic, but appreciate the pos feedback. I'll wear it out on my next errands day and see how I feel...(do I also have to wear a bra?)

    @GiGi: The table is from a Montessori supply site. (with the strangest name ever?) It's the "infant table/chair" on the front page. We LOVE them!

    @Nav: I could've sworn you were voted Most Likely To Get In a Brawl senior year?

  10. Oh and woops, to Krista who wanted to know:

    It's a MAC Slimshine (do they even make that anymore?!) in Urgent! Ha. I have some serious olive/yellow undertones to my skin, just as a point of reference :)

  11. She is busy busy isn't she? haha

    That morning flushed cheek pic is adorable.

  12. well dammit, no they do not. slimshine was one of my favs - can't even remember the color now. oh well, such is life!

  13. OH MAN her pinkness! Those cheeks and lips! I just love her. And you're lookin gorgeous too, Mama. I am a chapstick-only kinda gal, but I now want to buy some lipstick and be pretty!


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