Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Um that up there? That's my baby, doing downward dog on...a placemat.

I was unloading the dishwasher when I looked over to see her rooting through my basket of dirty cloth napkins and dishtowels. Clay had put a little pile of placemats on top and she'd uncovered them. The rectangularness and little tiny ridges must have reminded her of a yoga mat and she went. I wish so hard I'd had a video going, tho. "Om. Om. Om." I love that weird little nugget pants so hard.

Tomorrow is her first day of "school" and I alternate between being really excited and ready for those few hours to myself and panicked. I'm glad today was what today was, tho. She was fussy and tired and wasn't interested in her usual interests and kept asking for "Elmooooohhhhhh?" after she'd had her allotment and got her brand new shoes soaking wet 5 seconds after stepping outside and took forever to fall asleep at nap and then perfectly put on the charm whenever dada was around (lunchtime kisses and then dinnertime Ghostbuster dancing).

I was so tired today; my legs were lead each time I sat/stood during diaper changes and when I had a break, I could only stare into space. And I talked to uno adult: The crazy checkout lady at Target who, after wishing me a good morning, started talking about how much she's dreading the 9/11 anniversary on Sunday. "Is it going to be as hard a day for you as it is for me?" There's no right answer, lady.

So yes! Long and tired day with my be-lov-ed banana. Followed by, hopefully, a semi-scary but easier one tomorrow... Keep ya posted.


  1. I fully understand your trepidation, but it will go great!! Enjoy your hours of soy latte drinking and tons of/no productivity!

  2. It's always darkest before the dawn.

  3. Innovative little cutie. Yes, enjoy tomorrow.


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