Sunday, September 18, 2011

A handful of small letters

Dear Cotton Candy at the Fall Festival,
Thank you for making my baby so happy. And her face so blue.

Dear Insane Waitress at Potager Restaurant,
Thank you for providing us with a story we'll never forget, sista. You are either 100% socially inept and/or your dog just died and you wanted to take it out on us. Either way! You made me cry ugly tears, but now I just feel sorry for you. Later!

Dear d Bar,
Thank you for rescuing our night with your delicious cupcakes. I loved the yellow cake with chocolate frosting the mostest.

Dear cc,
Thank you for buying HJ this crazy huge Elmo balloon. She wants to marry it and that takes the pressure off real dating for a few years. Also, thank you for sleeping with the bad side of the comforter always. Also, you are really cute. Also, I love my new red mug.

Dear MIL,
Thank you for babysitting while we had our weird date. And thank you for all the long walks and baths and reading-of-the-books you did with Harps. Gave me a much needed break.

Dear salted caramel mocha from Starbucks,
Oh my God. No. You taste like my favorite drink in 11th grade from Cumberland Farms. Frown.

Dear legwarmers I'm knitting H,
I hope you turn out as cute as you seem. I guess I can always make you an arm warmer for me if you're not?

Dear mini Boden catalog,
Stop trying to take all my moneys! You are too scrumptious ah! Stop it.

Love and other indoor sports,



  1. Boden = so delicious.

  2. Haha, I just re-read 'Starring Sally J Freidman as Herself' so your signoff made me giggle!

    HJ looks so cute in her cotton candy bliss :)

  3. Holla! Cumbys!!
    Boden kills me too...and now they have a maternity line that's pretty awesome. Almost awesome enough to make me want to get knocked up again just so I can wear it. Almost. But noooot quite.

  4. I heard such raves about the salted caramel mocha and it gave me the gags. But I can't do reg mochas so not sure why I attempted? I guess I just can't handle the flavor progression in that drink. (!! Ps- reply email coming soon!)

  5. i recently received a Boden catalog in the mail and i was all, "what is this??" and now i want all of their plaid blazers. (even though i should nevernevernever wear plaid...just don't do it.)

    dude, i am loving those leopard print pants that Harps is sporting.

  6. @Lyndall: Yay! One of my very favs. Have a super old copy and re-read it when I need a smile.

    @MamaT: They have maternity??? Dangerous!

    @Nav: Ahahah. Cry sob ahaha. I wish you had a more sophisticated palate, rube.

    @mic: They have GREAT blazers. And the leopards are pj pants, but I'm thinking of letting her wear them outside the bedroom...

  7. I love the lip color, Big Bird looks great in the little chair, and CC's mom was trying to read with no contacts. (Thus,the almost frown look). Pink rules! Thanks for being such a great hostess...and love that little girl.


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