Monday, September 05, 2011

Quite happy tomorrow is already Tuesday and you?

I'm working on a lengthier post -- I was tagged to do a 7 post meme -- but it's taking Her Slowness awhile to pull it all together. So for now, a few words on the weekend.

Poor Chesney was sick for part of it; some weird stomach bug took her over for 12ish hellish hours, but then as quick as it came it quick took a hike. This made sleep (and being alive, frankly) a little bit wonkyjanky for us all, but I made up for the hard nights with massive naps on all three days. Which felt awesome.

Clay got a bee in his man bonnet and became a tornado of decorating/organizing/amazing'ing. Like, hours of cleaning and pitching and sorting and then solo Ikea'ing and picture hanging and furniture assembling. Bananas! Our place was still rough around the edges, but they're much smoother now. We've got some rull cute things going: will post pics soon.

Mural at Watercourse Foods. Love love love.

We ate a delish late lunch at our fav veggie place. Harps wasn't happy in the booster seat till we whipped out the crayons. She drew secrets under the table in a little notebook I found in my bag.

"I heart..."

And then she inhaled most of my salad. Well, mostly the mushrooms off it.

 Afterward, I tried an iced soy latte and found it nutty and delish who knew ah who am I becoming?!

We shopped at dada's work's annual majorsale thing. H scored a jacket and a winter hat, which -- tho in the 80's -- she wouldn't take off.

Today we did more house stuff and lounged and walked the 'hood and danced to Huey Lewis. And when the temps cooled, had over cc's cousin, recent Texas transplant, for some homemade portabello burgers and sweet potato fries and (oh yes, I went there) vegan cookies. My first attempt at vegan baking and pretty taste, methinks. (Tho I'll cut way down on the sugar next time. My teeth sort of ached during cookie #2). He was a good sport about the meatless meal and we had a nice time catching up with the young dude.

And now? Now I pat my cookiefull belly, pray for HJ to sleep through the night, and dream of the juicer en route in the mail. (Beware: Adventures in juicing coming soon to a blog near you and you and you!)

What'd you guys do?


  1. you just won everything ever by using the word JANKY. it's common in my group of pals but i rarely see it anywhere else. WHY?

  2. Soy hot chocolate is way better than regular (well, from Starbucks)... it gives it a unique flavor. I hate how soy seems to "stick" to the inside of your mouth/throat though. Does that happen to you? It like coats it.

    I love Harper's shirt! And I can't wait to hear the juicer stories! Laugh.

  3. @ krista - East Texas vernacular

  4. @cc ah, that makes sense actually. i think we picked it up on a news story!

  5. @krista/cc: dangit! i totally forgot i picked it up from him. thought i was all louisianay without knowing how..

    @kalen: i thought of you when i was choosing soy and almost got the hot choco bc i remembered you love. i'll try next time! (don't have the sticky-to-mouth thing, but i've had like 2 in my life so maybe?)

  6. harps is looking like quite the little lady these days -- did she have a big growth spurt like...yesterday???

    i'm loving her striped shirt too. i want to live in stripes.

  7. I've been using my juicer a lot.... carrot apple ginger is my FAVE. If I have a headache, stomach ache, am tired.... doesn't matter, this cures it! I use loads of carrot so it's more carroty than appley.... :)

  8. @mic: she's really big :( i kind of hate it...if she had more hair, she'd look even bigger. stay bald, gfry.

    @cal: oooo delish! that sounds so good. i'll have to get some tips from you when i start.. (it arrives today i think weeee!)


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