Tuesday, September 06, 2011

7 Post Meme

The lovely and salty (truly a sista-from-another-mista) Laura, over at Navigating the Mothership (one of my favorite flavors on all the Internets), nominated me for this 7 post Meme -- and by gum, I'mma get 'er done! Tonight! (I never do these things, so accept this as my love letter to you, L.)

The whole idea is to get a bunch of bloggers from all over the 'webs to look back at their archives and share old (and maybe forgotten) material. It's a fun way to remember all the crazy things you've written about and to introduce parts of yourself peeps might not know about.

1) Blogger is nominated to take part
2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.
- Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of
3) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers
5) And so it goes on!
6) The site Trip Base is sharing the best posts from participating bloggers on their blog and everyday on Facebook and Twitter at #My7Links

Here's goes!

Most Beautiful

There were a few -- mostly to do with Miss H pants -- that I thought of, but for some reason I really like this one. I just remember that day so clearly. The drizzle on my face, the quiet of the early morning, feeling her kick as I walked, treading slowly in my green boots, picking out little treats, looking out at the water and taking deep breaths.

Most Popular

My most comment-heavy posts are definitely Harps related, but none more so than when we found out she was a she! It was such a fun day (I will always find out the gender of babes in my belly -- I just lovedloved knowing) and I remember cc was posting little hints in the comment section and teasing people. Here ya go.

Most Controversial

I hardly write a controversial blog, friends. I think if I had millions of readers and they really dug into the archives, they'd find something to get angry about (I used to say terrible things about San Francisco's Chinatown, for example), but these days especially I'm pretty tame. However! Upon starting this little challenge, I remembered that way back in my first months of blogging (5 years ago!) I had this reader that hated my nuts. Read every post and said something horrible afterward. I'm guessing it was someone I knew? But after a few months, Anonymous Pants left me alone...Anywho! Here's an example. 

Most Helpful

I'm no Pioneer Woman. I think I've posted one recipe (yogurt, recently) and have I even ever done a tutorial on cloth dipes or traveling with a baby or anything? I think no? So this one was hard to come up with. I'm going to go totally random and link up a post that still makes me laugh -- and claim it's helpful because...maybe you'll know what to do if you go into early labor in rural Missouri? Uh.

Whose Success Surprised Me

This is funny, because I think Laura's pick for this was also hair related... Who knew people cared so much about my bangs? (And yes, I got them and no, they didn't look good.)

Didn't Get the Attention It Deserved, Dammit

What a funny concept. Why didn't you all LOVE THIS POST MORE?! *sob heave sob* I chose this one because I reveal how I met cc and it didn't get uno comment. Which was a little surprising, I s'pose. Tho really I'm just grasping at straws here because this category makes me uncomfortable. Excuse the weird font stuff -- I was in an Experimental Stage.

And finally:

Most Proud Of

A month before I got preggers and we moved to that apartment in the sky and it pretty much sums up...me. (I didn't get ANY this year. Tragedy!)

And she's done! Now I'mma tag a few of my favs to do the same...

1) In high school, we once had the conversation: "No...you're the Mary and I'm the Rhoda!" The too gorgeous and makes-me-spit-out-my-tea when she says stuff Nikki over at The Bra Factory.

2) One of my most favorite and kindred spirits I've met through the Internets. Her family and life are a delight to read about: Mandy over at The M. DeWilde Family.

3) Miss Kalen Pants over at Momfish. We go way back in cyber years and I love her (and her dimples) in a real way. (I wish she'd access her old bloggy, which had some definitely spicy/controversial stuff -- but alas, I fear it's gone...)

4) We once got drunk and hid inside a wall to escape the "police"... She also has amazing fashion sense and the best bum I've ever seen. Michaela over at My World in a Paper Cup.

5) This girl is so effing funny. We went to acting school together and girl is good. She's about to have a baby boy any second now... a home birth hurray! I can't wait to hear every single insane detail. Kimberly over at.. Over It.


  1. Whoa...that comment from your angry stalker was intense. Genocide? Really?

  2. I miss our place on Broadway. Green wall + peeps.

  3. After over half-a-century certain memories are like they just happened. Others you sometimes doubt they really happened. And finally, others you're sure you made up.

  4. I think the first post I read was your "most beautiful" and I actually think about it regularly.

    You didn't ever go bangs, did you?

    I did when the babe was just born thinking "instastyle" - but what a mistake. If I didn't have time to blow dry, I looked like a third grader from 1992. And I never had time to blow dry.

  5. I had to laugh at the angry commenter.

  6. He was so special wasn't he? Wonder what bridge he lurks under today...

    @Gigi: Do you mind me asking what post that was? I'm touched you think of something I wrote regularly! And oh yes, I cut them. I'll try and find a pic...they were okay. But I've got a wave and a cowlick and it took a lot of straightening to make it work. I always just pinned them back...(ha! 3rd grader from '92)

  7. Fully enjoyed this, lady. I'm glad youyou did this meme with meme. AM SO FUNNY HILARIOUS HOOTANANNY!

  8. omg i love you in 9 million ways.

    and you know you've made it on the blogosphere when you have an angry commenter! i dont have one :'( waah.

    you are too nice. FRANK YOU for the shout out! perhaps someday i will get my shiznits together enough to do my own?!?!?!?!?



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