Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh I'm so happy, so very happy to be on this couch/home/drinking a juice box

Small person! Giant chair!

Hey, guys? Whenever I'm feeling blue on myself, please remind me how incredibly kick ass I am at traveling solo with a toddler and lots of bags and creating dinners from stale Starbucks offerings and also looking sorta cute as it's happening? (Um yes! Of course those stares were because of my hotness, not my complete-losing-my-noodle-should-we-rescue-her?-ness).

Because while our trip out to Sun V was with both parental units, the return trip was me and me alone. And my sidekick. cc has a work trip and so ladies night! For a couple nights! And a plane ride? (I'm delirious right now, I think?)

But by the end, 7 hours after saying bye to cc, as she's happily sucking down her weird supper, I'm pulling my suitcase and her pack 'n play in one hand and her-inside-her-stroller in the other... I was like hot damn sauce I'm awesome. I wasn't even crying! Well, maybe a little.

Oh but our trip! Our trip was fun. It was beautiful out there in Idaho, with the chilly mornings and all the deer and the wolf (WOLF) that ran in front of our car the first night (we drove 3 hours that first night after our flight, arriving at  at 1 amz. Harps was awake the entire time, which was actually mostly hilarious instead of annoying for some unremembered reason). We were really just there to hang someplace pretty with our friends Jon and Steph (the ones Clay married! and the ones who were in Missouri when I went into preterm labor stuff...and she continued to check my cervix after we got home because she's a midwife holy hell that's friendship) who we adore adore adore. And I don't really adore a lot of people, so! Fun.

I NEED to post a picture of cc in his waders (waders? waiters? waterz?) because he and Jon went fly fishing and ah! The hilarity and cuteness. Kill me dead. (Steph and I ate brunch out with Harps and then talked for 12,000 hours on the couch with cups of tea.)

Are you wondering how I'm feeling about Harps' school stuff? Me too! Meh. I'mma play it by ear. I think (know) whichever way I roll, girlfriend will be fine and sweating it too much is borderline insane.

I think that's it outta me. I'm loving this couch I'm on so hard. And the rain pounding down on my roof. And the cozy bed with the soft sheets awaiting me upstairs. And the silence down the hall from my sleeping toddler who was a complete angel on the flight with nothing to entertain her but a Sky Mall magazine and two dum dum pops.

Hearts, my loves.


  1. Hey, imagine the biceps (and triceps if you lift H.J.C. very much) you will have if you make many more girls sans daddy trips. You are a trouper, for sure!

  2. Dum dums were my secret weapon for flying with a kid. Keeps their mouths busy and quiet! Yay!

    Glad your trip was fun!

  3. First of all, I can't get over how tiny Harps looks in that chair. Like, newborn tiny.
    Second, I can't even travel alone, let along responsible for someone else entirely, so nice job to you! Enjoy your couch and your rain, which sounds like complete heaven.

  4. i touched a wolf.

  5. Is the chair wearing cowboy boots???

  6. @mic: you better believe that's all i could think of.

    @mom: HA yes! i forgot to point that out. Ahahah Idaho, you nutty place!


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