Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In case you were wondering what kind of 7th grader I was

Today in music class (which I love I lurve! If you have a kidperson and a Music Together franchise near you, t-r-y it) the teach started by asking what our favorite tracks on the CD are. Silence, silence... As usual, I try to wait so I'm not the first one to answer. And...nothing.

Okay fine.

"We love track 23, the City Blues song." (In my head: I list off our 4 or 5 other favorites.)

"Yea! We'll be doing that one today. Great jam." (Oh yes, he says things like this.) "Any other favs?"

Silence. (In my head: My brain explodes. These suckas aren't listening to the CD at home? It's, like, the whole methodology of the class! Deep breaths deep breaths.)

He gives up and talks.

" favorite? Is the train song." (Starts to strum it on his guitar. Ooo! This is my other top favorite.) "I love it because it doesn't sound like a children's song. It's so soulful."

(In my head: Surely, he's going to explain how it's not a children's song, really? How it's an African-American spiritual about the Underground Railroad?)

Nope. Keeps strumming and changes over to the welcome song. The other moms sigh relief sighs as they realize they're not on the spot anymore.

(In my head: Another brain explosion. This teacher is great -- the best kiddo instructor I've yet met -- but c'mon! A perf time for a mini-lesson and nuthin! Not even sure he knows what the song is, which makes me sad. And the other blank faces around the circle let me know they're clueless, too. Blergh.)

And off I go, singing our songs and dancing our moves and ignoring the grey matter leaking out my ears.


  1. hmm... not sure new format. also, I'd like to submit 'The Drum Song' as my fav.

  2. yea, was weird. had no personal info re: my awesome self? boo.

  3. I wasn't able to comment with the new format? It flashed to blank after I'd hit submit?

    Anyway, here's what I was trying to say:

    "Walking down my street, feeling good in my feet. Going 'round my town, streets go up and go down. Bouncin' on the bus, take a ride with us..."

    You must in the Bongos?


  4. We are taking the Bongos class right now too! My personal fav track is #21 Lil Liza Jane...with which we take artistic license and change the words to Lil' Lilah Jayne ;)


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