Thursday, September 22, 2011

This face is my breakfast lunch dinner and second dinner

Feel like I'm extra swoony over HJ lately... Avert your eyes if you're looking for a bag to yuck in, yo!

Also, I'm unable NOT to say "mummy's tiiiiii-red" to cc, multiple times after she's asleep for the night and we're vegging, eating ice cream under blankets. Nothing keeps the love alive like referring to yourself as mummy, people. (Also holey sweatpants, belonging to your brother 10 years ago.) Mummaymmmamay! 

I also need to understand how it's okay that Oliver-from-Project-Runway can speak in a British accent even though he's from Ohio and no one cares or comments?!

Oh and my favorite moment of today? (Other than toddler yoga, where we worked on her handstand weeeeeee!) Checking out at Whole Foods (I bought out all the cheese on this earth, making a lasagna for a friend) the cashier says to Harps: "What you snackin' on there, woman?"

It was awesome.

Aaaaaand scene.


  1. When you say Toddler Yoga do you do like a show or a book or are you doing yoga with her from your head?

  2. @Gigi: In this instance, I mean an actual class we go to! It's pretty great. 45 minutes long, first 1/2 is focused on helping the kids with poses, the second 1/2 is for the momz. (kids get a pile of toys and run around the studio...)

    However, we also have a book called Little Yoga that she LOVES and has taught her a bunch of poses! We try to do a little everyday :)

  3. I'll take a side dish o' that baybay.


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