Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The baby lady waves hello

Before we get to the feature film, thaaaaank you thank you for all your happy, happy comments! It was so fun to post the reveal and read everyone's reactions. HOW DO YOU NON-FINDER-OUTERS WAIT?!??!

Next order of business: A few comments on these 4D video things. First, I always thought they were a little creepy. Second, I thought something wacky had to be done to get that picture. Third, I thought you had to request that something-wacky.

But there we were yesterday, checking the profile and making the measurements ("we" weren't doing that part, exactly), when the technician suddenly just switched a button on her little machine and with the same wand in the same place, a 4D video of the little lady started dancing around. Nuts! And adorable!


She's really snuggled close to my placenta (terrible word, I apologize), so it was difficult at first to see all her little parts. This one is my favorite, because she's actually waving! Look at that arm go up and down and her han'y open and close! (Apparently, according to the technician, a great sign. Of catching a softball in the Olympics? Clay hopes.)

But the wave and the little legs and her little face all snuggled up and cozy. It's love!

So as I said, the baby looks really great. Heart is "beautiful", she's measuring right where she should at 8 ounces, moving a lot, spine fully closed - all the good stuff. It's just incredible to see how developed she is up there and all the little stuff she does all day - and that she's a she!

Mama's doing pretty good, too. My cervix is measuring great (they're keeping a close eye on it throughout the pregnancy) and the only teeny worrisome thing right now = my placenta is lying a little too close/low to my cervix. The only bum deal with this is, if it stays low until late third trimester, I'll need a c-section and possibly bed rest toward the end.

Since I'm only at 18 weeks, there's a very good chance the placenta will move away from the naughty place as I grow more - so the doctor told me not to sweat it too much. He even made a bet that this particular situation won't bring on a c-section.

But still, he told me to take it easy this next month until I see them again. No running (oh, DAMN) and nothing too strenuous or high-impact.

"Just be...normal," he said.

Clay tried his best not to laugh out loud.


  1. Gasp! And beautiful and adorable. Are you allowed to jump up and down non-stop for days on end because you're so excited?

  2. OK, so I am soooo happy to meet Mrs. Robaby and she looks adorable but also that video freaks me out a little bit. I don't know why. Maybe it's the music video going on inside of your uterus part of it or something...?

    BUt I'm so excited for you.

    And you know what taking it easy and/or bed rest means? LOTS OF SVU!

  3. christie10:35 AM

    She (it's a girl!) is so snuggly cute in there. What a lil darlin'! And clearly she's a genius because she already knows how to wave!!!

  4. eeeeeeee!!! i am loving the teeny arms and legs! and the wave kills me. it's like an actual baby! (i am still in awe of this baby growing thing.)

  5. Congratulations...a girl? So that means my guess was wayyy wrong. I love the 4D pics of babies but it seems so surreal.

    Glad baby is doing so well. Hopefully your placenta does what it is supposed to.

  6. Wow! That is some pretty smooth technology. Congratulations, lady!

  7. oh hun, it's so common for your placenta to be low before 20 weeks. i had my 19 weeks appt and they told me about my placenta being low and having a c-section. i just went yesterday at 21 weeks 1 day and the placenta was already up and away from the cervix. i wouldn't worry too much about it:)


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