Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I'm waiting on a cheeseburger

Brought via spouse via scooter. To distract myself from the drooling while I wait, I thought I'd give a quick update.

I get a lot of questions about my tummy. Not the baby part, but the ouchy part. Am I feeling better? Can I eat without crying yet? I'm loathe to talk about it, because I'm always wrong, but I think...maybe...shhhh...maybe...I'm actually better. BUT DON'T TELL ROBABY.

I won't write my Ode to Health for a few more days, just to be sure, but yep, I am feeling human again.

Which means I'm actually able to do things like clean the apartment even after a day on the job. This would have been impossible but two weeks ago, you see. So I put on some Godspell and ran around cleaning and singing and dancing. Which felt a little different as a pregnant lady? My 'Turn Back, O Man' number didn't feel quite so sexy with a bump...But more importantly - Robaby really loves gospel musicals. You're welcome, Clay.

The hand puffies have gotten better, although they're still not back to normal. I think it's probably just the way they're going to be for awhile. I've got my monthly appointment tomorrow (heartbeat! yes!) so I'll ask my paranoid questions then. Note to self: Make note to self to remember what the hell to ask because it's impossible to remember on the table.

What else, what else...

The buddy was really active today! I credit Arizona Green Tea. After a few sips, he/she/ro was really shaking a leg. I lurve it.

I think I hear a key jangle...

Must assume position.


  1. Cindy C8:11 PM

    You make me laugh...must assume the position. Anything you need or want? Not as if you and Clay couldn't get it in SF. Crawfish?

  2. I'm assuming the position to be assumed is you, cross legged on the couch, mouth open, hands in front of mouth waiting for cheeseburger to be placed in them. :)

    Glad you're feeling better -- I hope Robaby cools it for a bit on nausea front. Are you loooving the kicking part?

  3. Robot quilt:



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