Thursday, September 03, 2009

To do it, to do it, to do it

My buddy Jordan reminded me of this song today on Twitter. God bless her heart, because it makes me dance in my chair like a loon. Think this came out when I was about five, and it makes me feel just that way.

I lurve you, George.


  1. YES!!!! Did NOT know that was George, but now love it even more.

  2. ogod one of my faves of all time. thank you for that pick-me-up :)

  3. it totally reminds me of my early childhood too! like real bad. i can remember listening to it at my neighbour's house, in their basement.

    we must have a serious 80s & 90s dance party someday :) i'll show you my lil number i used to do to "i'm too sexy' by right said fred -- i used to perform it for my best friend and she STILL brings it up today. it contains a butt wiggle and everything.

    <33 ya, pregs!

  4. *snaps my fingers side to side*

    *head side to side*

    *lil leg kicks side to side*

    i can't decide what's better - the flurfy hair or the crooked teef or the group of old men pointing randomly in different directions together - lovin' life.

    *pelvic thrusts side to side*

  5. that is just about the best damn video, ever made. pointing to the side and then to the other side and then to the FRONT. the madness! it's genius! also, i think our buddy georgie-boy is reading off of cue cards. in the first few seconds he focuses on something and looks lost -- me thinks he forgot the words. i'll forgive him because he produced this gem. oh and maybe because he was a beatle. but just maybe. nothing can top this song and it's greatness.

    *dances with kay* lolol @ flurfy hair.

  6. CindyC7:01 PM

    One of the positives about being a baby boomer is living through the 60's. We may be old and arthritic now, but we had some great music then. Glad you are a fan of the Beatles, Amy.


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