Monday, September 14, 2009

Elmo fans, shield your eyes

So our buddy Casey threw his boyfriend (and also our buddy) Steve a surprise birthday party this weekend. At a rollerskating rink on a Saturday morning. Needless to say, it was awesome.

The only bummer? Preggos aren't really supposed to rollerskate. But I cheated a little and took a few laps around the rink before everyone's disapproving glares and Clay's nervous hand gestures made me sit down and sip some Sprite. I felt like Sarah Jessica Parker in Footloose, waiting on Willard. (I tried so hard to find a clip. Boo.) (Also, RIP Chris Penn. You were my first I-want-to-eat-that-boy crush. Whew.)

We somehow didn't get any pictures of me either wearing the big, bad, brown skates or actually skating, but I'm hoping someone else did. I'll keep you posted.

After skating, we moved the party outside, so as to not scare the children beginning to stream in. Then Steve killed Elmo.

It was a beautiful morning.


  1. I LOVE your friends and I am totally stealing that idea. I will give them credit.

    Glad you got to have at least a little bit of fun before Preggo Quarantine struck!


    *wears the head around after it's knocked off*

    love it. i wish i could have been one of the people giving you disapproving stares. in the friend group, i am definitely the mom, and i can imagine myself snapping my fingers and pointing down at my feet.

    "you. here. right now, missy."

    i can also imagine you doing something with *your* fingers in response.

    but with robo-baby's level of intelligence, i am not going to type such offenses here, in case she is reading this, using your belly as a kindle.


  3. Nobody puts Amy in the corner!

  4. Good one, mom! Only you (and T) may fully understand how sad I was yesterday. Sigh.

    @kalen ahahhaha on the belly as kindle. brilliant.

  5. Cindy C3:09 PM

    I am already pumped about the bump date in two days! Did Daddy Clay skate?


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