Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frasier Crane had one

And now, so do I.

Clay and I (mostly Clay) have been researching cars for the past few months, ever since we found out a new buddy was joining the family. Our current mobile is a (lovely, zippy) two-door Volkswagen GTI. Ain't gonna cut it with mama's back, yo.

So! The hunt began.

We were mostly deciding between wagons and SUVs, wagons and SUVs. We've got experience with both and like them both - it was just going to come down to comfort, style, price, etc. At times I pushed for the Subaru (a major favorite with my New England fam), but ya know - I drove A LOT of those in my time and I figured it was time for something new.

Because we were most likely trading for something a little parent-y, we wanted to have it semi-fun for Clay to drive. It's just not safe to jump from zippy car straight to minivan.


Clay started reading about the BMW 540i wagon and I fell in love with how it looked. Then we decided we actually preferred the older model to the newer one, which narrowed the search. Then (this is a really fun story, right?) he found a 2001 model that was all purty and affordable and so we drove (an hour zzzzz) and fell in love with the real deal. And so it was done.

We still keep wondering if we're the only people who've actually downgraded their vehicle...

(We currently have both cars, but hope to sell the VW stat. Ben? Interested?)

But I heart my "new" ride to the max.

It's roomy, safe, stylish, lightly worn-in (I say "I like old things" about 10 times a day so this is a plus in our household), comfy, and um - close your ears, Moms - fast. Not that we'll utilize this feature, of course. It's just...there.

Plus, I dunno. I've always drooled over Beemers. Maybe because my TV idol Frasier had one. Maybe because Lelaina from Reality Bites had one. Maybe just because they're bad ass.

Let the judgments commence!


  1. The new Cowan-mobile! I like it! Aww the fun family road trips to come...

  2. I have TWO subaru wagons, and I don't even have kids, so I'm all for the BMW wagon! Yay!

  3. oo it's zexy, ames. i likes it a LOT, really!!! can you give me a ride in your new vroom-vroom? i'll try not to be a backseat driver!


  4. ohhh i like it!

    i have very fond memories of smoking jeep though. you could start it without a key! how is that possible?!

  5. Of course I'm interested!!

    First, need some clarification: I thought it was a 4 door, but your linked post said 2 door. Eh?

    Secondly, what kind of crazy deep discount do I get for bein' a cuz?

    Christie, wanna drive it back for me since you'll be out there soon anyway?

  6. P.S. Did you notice how I didn't even acknowledge the Beamer? That's not at all from jealousy. No really.


  7. GTI is a 2 door unfortch - hence the switch. Love it... but gotta get the extra doors.

  8. LOL yes I thought immediately of Reality Bites. Congrats!

  9. No judgement here, just jealous! It looks like a nice ride!

  10. *rolls around all over the interior to get my stink on it*

    the only cars i judge people for are ones that suck up all the gas in the world & put out like deadly fumes that kill house plants. aka: semi trucks.


  11. the real question as always...but will it blend?

  12. i just tried...nope.

    you won't be mad at a few scratches, right?

  13. Anonymous9:29 AM

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