Monday, September 07, 2009

A word about tomorrow; but first, a picture

This is me. Raising my fist in celebration after Clay agreed to eat at a Sizzler with me.

We were about to head home, after a lovely sunsetty, exploratory drive through a South Bay town, and a quick stop at Target, but then I batted my blue eyes under the moonlight and vamoosh! Soon we were eating steaks and baked potatoes and infinite salad bars at 9 pm with about 100 other people. (Is THIS where everyone disappears to on Sunday nights?) Clay almost cried through the whole thing, but I was in fatty coma heaven. As was Robaby.

Speaking of which! Tomorrow, which will probably be today as you're reading this, we find out boy or girl lalala! The appointment's at 4:00 our time, so heads up - I won't be posting the big news till East Coast nighttime.

Now, let's all collectively cross our fingers and wish/hope/pray that the little jam cakes cooperates and shows us his/her stuff so we can start PLANNING. Numz!


  1. omgggggggggggggggggggg

  2. Oh...I'm sorry. I can't wait that long. You'll have to reschedule your appointment. Please?

  3. This gives me something to look forward to as I sit in my faculty meeting today. Thanks (and have FUN)!

  4. YAYYYYYYYY!!!! So excited! I'm 98% sure it's a boy!! hahaha

  5. SOOO EXCITED!!! i'm spending my night refreshing the page until i see the post!!!!

  6. Umm - how is Sizzler not getting more press here?

  7. eeeeee I'm so excited! :)

  8. christie9:54 AM

    I CANNOT handle the anticipation. How will I make it through the day?? Eeeeeeeeek! This is so exciting!

  9. TIME. IS. GOING. SO. SLOW. !!!!!

    i'm so excited for you guyyyyy :) i can't wait to find out! i'm still guessing ro-boy but maybe we're all (the ones who guessed with me) wrong & there's a little ro-girl in your tum. either way, it'll be one lucky kid to have parents like you and cc. you rock.

  10. it seems i got carried away with the yyyyy usage & goofed up so i meant -- i'm so excited for you guyyyyys :)

    all betta.

  11. christie2:16 PM

    Why do you have to live on the West coast??? If you lived here on the East, we'd know the gender of that sweet babe by now.

    Twiddling my thumbs...

    La la la di da la la la....

  12. Breaking news from the front lines...

    It's confirmed...

    Live from the doctor's office...

    It's A...


  13. Damn you Clay! I thought I was getting the scoop...

  14. It's Pat. The robot.

    Or Chris. Or Terry.

  15. How am I always the laaaast one to comment? ALWAYS.

    UM YEAH, Robaby! But I'll be sad to lose the nickname Robaby. Can we just call it Mrs. or Mr. Robaby?

    What are you hoping for? A girl or a boy? I think you said you're pretty sure it's a boy. I always want girls for people, because I would want a girl if I were pregnant!

    Good luck! Spread 'em, Robaby (Mr. or Mrs)!!!

  16. tic toc... this is awkward.

    we're back from the doctor...

    but i'm the first at the computer...


    risking death for the scoop?

  17. christie4:50 PM

    Ahhhh!! Clay! Don't torture us.



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