Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Knit purl knit purl knit purlae ajeworiueproieueire



Yesterday I was running a mild fever and just felt...off. I went home early from work and took it easy, taking my temperature roughly every 6 minutes and popping Tylenol on schedule. Every single person in the entire world is sick right now and I really don't want to follow suit. Whether it's a cold or the piggy flu, it's just no good getting sick while asthmatic and preggo.

I woke up this a.m. after sleeping hard and decided to stay home for the day. Once afternoon hit, my fever was gone, but I just wanted to really rest up and keep tabs on any changes. I think I'm better.

To pass the day, I picked up my knitting again. I bought some delicious yarn this weekend and decided on a simple pattern for a baby blanket for my baby girl. I wanted a project that would take a bit, but wouldn't stress me out too much. So I started! And it went so well for quite some time.

Until the dreaded dropped stitch. If you're a knitter or have attempted The Knitting, you know how horrifical these can be if caught too late. I think (?!) I can fix the situation, but it will take every ounce of my spatially-challenged gray matter to figure it out.

I pulled out half my hair and brewed a cup of tea with my ear-steam before realizing I needed to put it down, step away, and try again later.

*watches Columbo*

*eats choco-covered nuts from Billy the Doorman*

*pees 12 times*

*drinks cran-grape out of the jug*

....is it later yet?


  1. Oh I WISH I was there to help...I could fix those little buggers in a flash. Can you wait until NEXT WEDS???

  2. pretty colors!

    i tried The Knitting once. it frustrated me and i stoped after a couple rows.

  3. i wish i could knit!

  4. I don't know how many times I've told my knitting to rudely have sex with itself.

    No wonder my scarves always come out crooked.

  5. i'm not a knitter. but i once crocheted a bunch of coasters for family members and they were like "zummm... thanks?" :D

    it takes such patience! of which i have little.

  6. mef, i ripped it out b/c i ... messed up the "fix"...

    i really need to buy a crochet hook to fix the dropped stitches. i bought a tapestry needle for some reason instead??

    next week (yay!!), i'm going to purposely drop a stitch (on another set of needles) and make you teach me repairs!

  7. but there is nothing as satisfying as fixing it! and oh yes amy you need a crochet hook it really does help.

  8. that might be the gayest comment i've ever left here.


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