Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I want to set up some kind of challenge

For Clay and me. To accrue as little and spend as little on baby stuff as possible.

Because have you ever seen a baby? They are small. Very small.

They need things - a place to sleep, a place to be changed, a place to hang - but they don't need 12 roomfuls of it.

Because have you ever seen babies in other countries? They be rolling simple, man.

As I've mentioned, my cousin and aunt are in town (yay!), and we've been working on a list of the must-haves for baby's first months. Christie had her third baby last year and is keeping it even more simple than with the first two - using a sling to carry the little lady around, cloth diapers, hasn't even taken the swing out of the box. I love talking with my peeps - they think like I do.

And because so many of those must-haves can be bought secondhand (strollers, clothes, etc) it just isn't my priority to buy spanking new things. Even if they're really purty.

(For those wrinkling their noses right now, let's keep in mind my Mom used to pack my lunches with juice held in old pickle jars. I'm pretty comfy with pre-used items, mmkah?)

So. For the mamas or papas or nannies or any babies that can type (Lucy, I'm looking at you), what were/are your must-haves? If you're preggo, what do you plan on getting? If you're reading this on your Blackberry, sipping a martini and just starting a long night out, well, you probably want to sock me in the eye. Lo siento!


  1. About the only things we could not live without in the first month or two was diapers and wipes. And kudos to anyone patient enough to put a newborn in cloth diapers.

    I loved my Boppy pillow, it made nursing so much easier, but that's probably a non-essential.

    We bought a lot secondhand too, but remember--no secondhand carseats, you just don't know where they've been (and what accidents they've sustained).

  2. Swaddling blankets, fo sho. Lift the ones from the hospital -- they're the best.

    I also loved my boppy b/c otherwise, I'd require a mountain of couch or bed pillows just to keep the baby near my boob.

    One last suggestion, for your sanity: a light-blocking shade for the baby's room. They'll cut to fit at Lowe's or Home Depot. Maybe 10 bucks a piece, if I remember correctly. Fool that baby into sleeping! :)

    Also, we've had tons of luck buying baby gear on Craig's List for CHEAP.

    Love your minimalist approach. Good luck!

  3. Ohh my good friend Amy. Lucy and I love this challenge and we are going to write a whole blog post for you. We'll be back later to let you know when it's ready, but for now I gotta work. Momma gotta bring home the bacon. Small piece of bacon as it is.

  4. Cloth nappies rock. My mom used them on me. And I used them on one of the kids I was a nanny for back in college. But I agree that the disposables are worth the splurge during the first bit when everyone is to tired to deal with cleaning up the dirty cloth ones.

    I think the strollers where the seat pops out and becomes a car seat are amazing. Less strapping in and out is always cool by me.

    Oh and skip the baby bjorn and just go for the sling style carrier. Much cheaper and I think comfier too.

    Great challenge Amy. Good luck!

  5. i was gonna say yup yup to what bwankel said. a lot of people don't know as well that car seats have expiration dates (i know i didn't until recently). they're only good for 5 years... well, at least here in kentucky, and after that it's actually illegal and considered dangerous to use them. *shrug* so be careful about getting those second-hand at least.

    i plan on getting a sling AND a swing - because where i work, i get to see the wonders of a sling and a bouncy. woo boy.

    i want a crib but not a bassinet.... or maybe a bassinet but no crib, whatev. just one sleeping place, in other words. and i've never gotten why people can't change a baby on a bed instead of a "changing table" but it's whatev too.

    sneeze, sneeze.

    i've heard multiple people say they wish people would have bought them more diapers & wipes for their baby showers.

    nursing pads for when you leak. i've also heard that one plenty of times.

    all those things are low cost items, but you buy them multiple times.

  6. CindyC9:13 PM

    Car seats? Clay learned his driving skills standing upright behind my right shoulder in a Jeep Wagonneer. (sp?) Then as the family grew, we turned them loose (no restraints) in a van with table, t.v. (thus the addiction), refrigerator. A virtual home-in-motion. Did I forget the lead-painted Port-A-Crib with no telling what kind of recalls? I was pro-reading and face-the-world in a carry pouch where the babe faces the world and sees all. Sorry about some of the things you saw face-on, Clay. :) All will be well.....

  7. And I'm surprised when Clay doesn't like wearing a seatbelt...

    Thanks ladies for all the tips - glad you're with me on my attempt at keeping things simple...

    Eyes peeled for your post, Nik!

  8. i did it!


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