Monday, September 28, 2009

This is a picture

To show you what I look like with clothes *over* the belly.

1) Isn't the bump so strange and high?

2) Holy shit, I have a BOOTY.

3) I finally bought cute pants that don't fall off!

4) Look! I folded laundry!


  1. Whoaaaaaa look at that bump! It is so adorable, and nice job on staying fashionable when it's hard to shop! Love the new badonk.

  2. Looking good as ever, Amy!

  3. i zoomed right in on that folded laundry -- good job, at least someone does it! i leave baskets of clean clothes sitting around forever & then lain's mom washes them again by accident because she thinks they're dirty. the moral of the story is, i'm lazy and i HATE PUTTING AWAY LAUNDRY.

    hi baby lady! the bump doesn't look strange to me? but your butt be juicy. that's what i say to lain & he just laughs because he knows i'm crazy.


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