Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sure, I'm a nut

But I've also got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thermos.

So life ain't all bad.


  1. omg, is that the old school kind? the one with the little sippy thing?

    do you have a trapper keeper too? :)

  2. it is! except it's new!

    work promotion boss is a gem and gave me his. can't wait to whip it out and pour hot choco in a public place.

  3. sweet. I still remember how much I loved the original movie. I insisted on saying "radical dude" and "totally tubular" in at least every other sentence. turtles rock.

  4. whatever. it doesn't make you less crazy.

    just like it doesn't make me any less crazy that i own a tshirt that says "KITTENS" in an exploding atomic bomb.

    i wore it on my first date with b. once i got to our restaurant, i started sweating thinking to myself, "oh my god what did i WEAR? a stupid vintage tshirt what was i thinking????!"

    i walked in and he had on a vintage coca cola tshirt.

    match made in heaven.


    unnecessary story.

  5. That is so freaking awesome. WHERE did you get it?


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