Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The big reveal...

I'll keep this post short, friends, and follow up with more cuteness later (including a baby VIDEO) because I know you're all dying to hear the news...

So here we go.




I'm TOTALLY shocked. And honestly...totally psyched. Yahoo!!!

More on the appointment to come soon (baby looks great and healthy and lovely), but wanted to get this up here stat.

My little lady and I are gonna go eat some tacos and watch the tube! Check ya lates!


  1. christie5:17 PM

    YAHOOOO!!!! Let the shopping begin!

    Congrats Clay and Amy!

  2. christie5:19 PM

    p.s. She is adorable! Look at that nose, and perfect head, and legs kicking up, and tiny little ribs...

    She's perfect!!

  3. Mef and Gee5:21 PM

    She's ADORABLE!!! We are so excited for you! Little cutie...What a nice birthday present for Gram!

  4. yesssssss. i love that i was wrong! you're going to has such a cute little girl, ames!!!!! :D :D :D

    i saw your link on twitter and basically did an inner squee. i could barely click the link i was so excited -- my fingers were all over the keyboard!!

    seriously, congratulations. <33 any thoughts on names or shall that be kept secret?

    love you!

    more later!

  6. YAYYYYY!!!!! I'm so excited for you two! FINALLY somebody is having a girl! Congratulations!

  7. Ahhhhhh! Loves it! Can't wait to hear more!!!!

  8. Yay, a little lady! They are easier to dress :) LOL.

  9. OK, I'm back -- I was running out the door earlier but I couldn't leave without saying something! I'm SO HAPPY it's a girl! SO happy! Imma buy and send you something sometime. Email your address again in case I lost it the first time?!?!


  10. Yipee! I was secretly hoping it was a little girl :)

  11. A girl a girl a girl!!! Just imagine, you will be so close with her your whole lives just like you are with your mom. So happy for you!

    (and she will be a looker, no doubt! cc is right to get the armory all set up.)

  12. CindyC7:28 PM

    Congratulations. I was thinking about this all day...not that you and Clay weren't also. (Is that a double negative???) Wonderful picture.

  13. i LIKE it :) *pinches her little nose*

  14. Oh my ding dang, IT'S A GIRL!! Sneaky little lady!

    That's so exciting - she is already beautiful! Look at that profile! And are her legs crossed? Love love love and congratulations!!


  15. OMGGGGG!!! I'M SO EXCITED!! Do you think all of us will just have a huge bunch of girls that can play together?! I hope so!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!! Can't wait to meet her, and buy her lots of cute but "not too pink" things!!

  16. congratulations :) yay.

  17. Holy crap I was wrong again. Congratulations!

  18. For a second I thought Louise said she was going to be a hooker.

    Congrats Cl/amy!


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