Sunday, October 18, 2009


Since we moved into our pad, I've shopped almost exclusively at Whole Foods. It's right down the street, it's got healthy stuff for the bean inside me, and it smells nice. They've got the bestest produce around for all those fruit cravings and a cheese section to kill for and all sorts of lovely loveliness. Which is all well and good. But meh. I'm in a grocery rut.

Yesterday I started making a list for my Sunday grocery run. I paged through some cookbooks and tried to get inspired, but yawn yawn stretch yawn dull.

But then!

The Trader Joe's flyer arrived (direct mail! it works!), I remembered I forgot to remember it was close by, and I actually woke up this morning looking forward to grocery shopping.


I sort of made a list, kissed the boo bye, and started throwing cutely packaged cardboard boxes and plastic tubs of

spiced apple bread mix

beer bread mix

pumpkin butter

maple cream cookies


honey nut joe's

sourdough bread

and fruit leather bars and choco-swirled lemon cookies and indian goodies and potato gnocchi and aweireporeoueoid;ldkf

into my cart.

I was running through the aisles like they were meadows full of flowers and open bottles of Pine Sol.

I suppose you could say it's sad that a happy trip to the grocery store makes me feel like a successful human, filled with light and radiance and hope for planet earth, but nom nom nom nom nom I'm too busy eating my weight in cookies to care.


  1. *out the door on my way to TJs right now!*

  2. christie12:12 PM

    I must admit that TJ's was one of the highlights of the SF trip.

  3. Um, call me crazy but I think we went to Whole Foods

  4. you're not crazy - we did ;)

    don't you guys have tj's in maine?

  5. your fingernail is quite regal. i had to google trader joe's because we don't have one, but the cookie picture & descriptions of food gave me reason enough to move immediately to where there is one.

  6. ha - that is NOT my fingernail.

    my fingernails - and hands for that matter - look like those of a 5 year old. for realz.

    ohhhhhh tj's. you would swoon. and they're cheapy!

  7. christie9:32 AM

    I'm such a loser. It WAS Whole Foods. Ah well... Who needs a memory anyway.


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