Friday, October 30, 2009

25 weeks, 2 days

Yes. I ate a person.

"Sleeping" didn't happen too much last night. I went from mildly-stuffed-up to cannot-breathe-through-nose-while-horizontal and my back has been in bad shape. It's just so hard to get comfortable; I'm starting to understand why preggos end up sleeping upright in chairs. Sad puppy dog face.

So I'm kickin it at home in my pjs. Sad to be missing the Halloween costumes at work, but hoping I can fool my bod into some zzzz's when it least expects it.

Onward ho!


  1. christie11:51 AM

    Look at that belly!! Gorgeous!! You are just lovely.

  2. christie11:52 AM

    and is that my giant pink shirt that I said is to die-for comfy???

  3. you look sooooo good!

    what's the status on your button? still an innie?

  4. This is my favorite photo yet. You look beautiful!

  5. What a great bump. I think it's about time for a chai soon? Or I'm happy to cook you up something tasty?

  6. ahhh i love this pic! Every bumpdate i love more than the last! AND YOU STILL HAVE 15 MORE WEEKS TO BUMPDATE lucky me!

    You look super gorg. seriously, way to rock the pregnancy.

    dont worry, soon you will have a new ailment and the lack of sleep will be nothing ;) i kid!

  7. thank you thank you, friends!!

    still rocking an innie at this point. but only because in my non-preggo days my innie goes in for miiiiles. i'm guessing it's not gonna go outie on me, just sort of...flat line.

    and yes christie! that IS the giant (not so giant anymore tho???) pink shirt! i love it!!


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