Friday, October 23, 2009

Bumpdate: 24 weeks, 2 days

Horizontal stripes, baby!

(Thanks, Christie and you're welcome, Eric for taking this shirt out of your house.)

According to Billy the Doorman, told to Clay the Spouse, it "looks like she's gained 7 pounds since Saturday!" WHAT OF IT, BILLY.

But here's the thing. Extra l-b's or not, I'm feeling good lately. I can eat foods without dying, my roly polyness makes me giggle, and my mood is, at times, bordering on euphoric mania. Oh, hormones. Whattapal!

Oh AND. AND! Guess what came in the mail yesterday? (Last part in a sing-songy voice, please.) These puppies!

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. YUM.


  1. we are moccasin TWINS today!!!! well.. ok, mine are from bluenotes & they're blue & red, but still..
    yours look SUPER comfy :) i've always wanted a real pair, mine are a cheap imitation.

    seriously -- you're cuter than anything i've seen in my whole liiiiiife. the shirt looks good on you! and i'm glad you're feeling so good lately. :)


  2. you and you're little vampire baby bump look amazing!!!

    loving those moccasins. i think i need a pair of the little bootie moccasin's with fringe.

  3. So, I LOVE your jeans and I was going to ask where you got them, but then I realized they are maternity jeans....can I buy them anyway?

  4. christie8:10 AM

    Love the shirt! You can rock those horizontal stripes!

    And, of course, I love the baby bump. Hi little lady!

  5. i love a horizontal stripe.

  6. Cindy C10:57 AM

    You look great, Amy. I am so happy you are finally getting to enjoy this time without the physical ailments.

  7. Thanks friends! Yay for 2nd half of 2nd trimester and stripes!

    @Meredith Thanks!! They're some Cali brand called Serfontaine?! They have (mostly) non-maternity jeans - you should check 'em out!

  8. 'nocs in the background are cracking me up. creepers. :)

    your hair also looks nice like this. *strokes it strangely*

  9. Now must have moccasins! Do you remember the Quoddy moccasin store in Bridgton? I miss it because I used to get a pair every other year or so- such a great slipper/oh yeah, sure these are my SHOES option...mum mum

  10. those wide-legged jeans (the jeans in question?!) and mocs are even more delicious in pictures than they were over the phone. also, your bump looks super in stripes and so do you.


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