Sunday, October 25, 2009

When you don't have cable

And you've got friends that are pulled together enough to organize real outings, you can get yer man - on football Sunday - to go along on a real field trip.

Here are some pics from our Half Moon Bay brunch-by-the-sea/pumpkin patch excursion. I feel like I really checked the box on FALL today. (Also on sun-my-face-needs-in-one-year.) And if you're wondering, the moccasins held up gah-reat.

Casey (Master Supreme Outing Organizer and Clay's frosh year roommate at Harvard) and me during brunch on the water. We took some without the glasses, but we look cuter here. Plus, my hair looks shiny.

At the pumpkin place, we all raced through a corn maze. For reasons unknown, I felt the best strategy to win was tip toes.

It did help bring us in second.

Group glamour shot, surrounding our trusty rusty tractor.

How lucky are my girl and I, surrounded by a gaggle of such hotties? I'm teaching her young.


  1. Is Clay barefoot in that last picture? hahahaha. You are so cute Amy!!

  2. what a fun day!

    you look awesome, d'loof! your hair *is* super shiny!

  3. I had a Fall day yesterday, too, and it was glorious! That looks like so much fun, and you look great!

  4. christie1:21 PM

    Flip flops in a corn maze? Ouch. Looks like a good time was had by all. Love your shirt!

  5. I knew it wouldnt take long so I wasn't sweating the footing... thanks for the concern though.


  6. You barely look pregs in these pics! It's insane.


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