Thursday, October 08, 2009

This isn't an early bumpdate

Just a documentation of the bizarre things I put together before I run out the door to copyedit video game manuals with my robot arm.

Those Uggs are bona fide super originals from the first wave of insanity in 2003. I wore them every single day of senior year at BU and yeah, you can tell. I believe I see some pot brownie batter splashed on the back. Kidding. Um.

The dress was 9.99 at Marshalls two years ago for a Goodby trip to Napa. Stretchy!

Thanks to Manj for the leggings, a godsend from Gap maternity.

The sweater, bulging over my ample bosom, is a regular non-maternity Gap cardy. Its days are numbered.

Robot arm is a Walgreens original! Only 19.99 at your local retailer!


  1. first of're super cute.

    second of all...they don't make Uggs like they used to. the last pair i bought were ruined in one season.

  2. i have to agree with mic -- you're totally super cute. i love the whole outfit and YOU make it work. the tights are like .. BAM. i love itttt. :D

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    lil cutie with your cutie lil leggings. i like the outfit because it's similar to something i would wear. i have a habit of putting cardigans over EVERYthing - tshirts... dresses... other cardigans... whatever. love it.

    ample bosom!

    anyway - my husband ate pot brownies once in college and went completely crazy sauce and thought people were calling and phones were ringing and he had it all stuck up in his teeth and he was walking around our (BAPTIST COLLEGE) campus high on pot brownie.

    just in case i am going to leave this comment anonymous. i trust you know who i am, based on my typing style.


  4. Can you style me? You make fun of outfits that are actually really cool, which I find hysterical. WTF happened to your arm?

  5. @Anonymous = Gram??

    Thanks, ladies, for your kind words as always! At least someone thinks I'm not crazy sauce ;)

  6. oops and @Sharon my hand/wrist are all effed up from a delicious variety/conglom of things:

    1) snowboarding injury
    2) carpal tunnel/RSI whatever
    3) weird preggo hormone ligament pain


  7. hey crazy sauce, sweet duds dude.

  8. you are so cute in that outfit! love it. keep doing the wardrobe preggy remix!

  9. I wish I could put together/pull off that outfit even as a non preggo lady. You look so frickin' cute!


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