Sunday, October 04, 2009

A very unbirthday

Today, my cousin and aunt got on a jet plane and zipped home to Maine.

We had such a fun (and packed) long weekend and I was sad to wave goodbye.

There were long walks and yummy lunches and knitting lessons and baby girl snuggy hand-me-downs and tea parties and autumn sunburns.

For the win!

I'm a terrible picture taker, in that I just don't remember to do it, but they took lots of pics of our adventures that I'll post when I get my hands on 'em.

The only one I walked away with is below, our tea party treat tray. If you want to make the ladies in my family happy, serve us tea and treats.

Soon, it was all gone.

Love you, ladies!


  1. christie5:29 AM

    Awww! Love you Ames! We had the BEST time! The tea... there are no words to describe it. Well, except for B U T T E R.

    Had a fab and easy flight home. Back to the grind - Mom, can I have some candy? Mom, I'm hungry. Mom, I need blah blah blah.

  2. Thanks Ames for EVERYTHING! We had a GREAT time. Thanks for schlepping us all around SF - "high" points for me - view from Clay's office, your apt view, and of course the top of our deluxe tour bus. Get it? The tea was well... Heaven and the Japanese tea garden, Alcatraz (such a ladies'day activity!)yummy eats, baby talk were all delightful. When can we come again? Love you!

  3. It's always sad when family leaves but worth it to have them visit. Glad yours was a good one!


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