Monday, October 12, 2009


When people ask me what I’ve been craving during these past 5.5 months, I want to answer “dirt with frosting” or “sardines and jello”, but turns out I’m the least interesting preggo eater ever.

All I want is fruit.

Fruit, FrUiT, fRuIt, FRUIT.

This is particularly strange because in my pre growing-a-baby days, I actively didn’t like fruit. It tasted eh to me, it made my tummy hurt a little, I’d rather eat a brownie. Growing up, I dreaded playing at those kids’ houses where, after a long day at school, the mom handed you a piece of fruit and told you to go play. (I actually still think that’s weird.)

But now. Now! I can’t think of anything tastier.

It was watermelon, plums, peaches, and grapes this summer.

Now it’s apples (Honeycrisp!), apples (Fuji!), apples (Gala!), and some (Valencia!) oranges on the side.

Last night, in the middle of some content-viewing (what up, Mr. Holland’s Opus?) I scurried to the kitchen for some refreshments.

“Want an apple?” I asked Clay.

He paused.


Now I paused.

“Do you REALLY want an apple?”

“ It would taste good, but I don’t really care either way.”

I pause again, hand quivering over the refrigerator’s fruit drawer.

“Are you deciding if I deserve an apple?” Clay asks.



In the end, he got one.
Because I'm the most giving person I know.


  1. OMG that is so funny, I could not get enough apples when I was pregnant. I ate a huge Gala every morning on my way to work. Normally they're too acidy or something, and they make my mouth ache a little when I eat them. But I didn't care!

  2. haha that's awesome - unlike THE SPONGE you will never run out of apples!

    when i was pregs with lucy, i was craving strawberries so much at first. strawberry yogurt, ice cream, the fruit - anything. then kiwis, peaches.... it went on an on. i even called her peach since my peach craving was UNBELIEVABLE. our girls and their fruits!

  3. Do you DESERVE an apple?

    I'm not a big fruit eater either, besides strawberries and pineapple. I wonder if I'll be like you when I'm pregnant.

    At least fruit was healthy!

  4. fruity goodness- and not in the form of the dreaded fruit roll-up. Whatever happened to fruit roll-ups anyhoo? Did the people who loved them best lose their teeth and not be able to eat/buy them anymore??

  5. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Haha. Found your blog through a comment you left on CoolMom. You're too funny! I've always been big into fruit but when I was pregnant my fruit cravings went into high gear. I couldn't get enough oranges but normally I didn't like them. I'd also take a pint of strawberries to work everyday and squirt crazy amounts of whipped cream all over them. As the months went on I'd justify deserving more whipped cream.


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