Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A date with a laydee

So I got to visit with our little buddy this morning. (Who, incidentally, is looking less and less like a robot. Sorry, friends.)

Clay's in NYC for work stuff, so he missed the rendezvous - but we've got three or four more ultrasounds, so it wasn't too sad. Although I'm sure he missed making his favorite "When can we take a paternity test?" joke. Badum ching.

The great news is the placenta issue seems to have resolved. Woot! It definitely moved up and away from the naughty place and I'm free to get sexy, fly, and train for that marathon like I was planning. Or just keep watching SVU reruns in sweats with a milkshake. Whatever.

My cervix, the real reason I keep getting all these ultrasounds, is measuring just fine, too. It's good news that it's looking good, but the real test will be when the bug gets chubbier and starts pressing down. Again - not too worried, but very happy I'm getting the extra attention.

But onto the fun stuff!

She was being super shy and stubborn today, not wanting to show us her face one bit. Her position for most of the visit was:

Head to her knees and turned away, arms in front of face, legs crossed. Sort of like she was tucking for a dive. Or stretching after barre. Or saying leave me alone, buttheads. Adorable, yes. (DON'T YOU WANT TO EAT THOSE LEGS FOR LUNCH?!) But I wanted to see her lil facey! After lots of flopping and walking around she finally cooperated a tiny bit toward the end.

But listen. While I find her little face cute as a button, she still kind of looks like a gremlin. And dude, she's a lady. So I won't post gremlin pics. She'll thank me later.


  1. Maybe its robots that are looking more and more like babies?

  2. awww, love her little yoga pose!

  3. she is so adorable and LOOKS JUST LIKE A BABY!!

  4. Thanks for being a responsible mom to be blogger and not embarassing your child before it's born.

    Glad your issues downstairs are clearing up so the SVU watching can go on undisturbed.

  5. christie10:42 AM

    Look at those leggies!! I can see the babylegs on them already...

  6. christie11:07 AM

    While I'm thinking of it, some websites for you:





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