Thursday, October 22, 2009

I didn't work today

Last night, a little voice told me to stay home today. Maybe it was the baby. Maybe it was a bird or the wind or a superhero with a crystal ball who saw I'd get sprinkled with H1N1 today. But who'm I to say no to mysterious voices? They always tell the truth about how good pumpkin butter toast will taste in the mornings. And afternoons.

So I took it easy, but I also got some things done: a beef stew in the crockpot, a load of laundry, knocked out a couple SVUs. (Yes, that last one counts.)

I piddled too much on the Internets, though, and started getting worked up about things I have no control over (um, other people). So I forced myself down the elevator and into the park before my brain exploded.

I brought an orange and a magazine and stared at the palm trees. And decided, while licking sticky fingers, to take a break from some of my usual Internets haunts. No one's forcing me to read anything I don't want to - it's up to me to surround myself with smart and uplifting messages. You know, like this.

So that happened.

And now? Now I remove the robot arm and peel some apples for the crisp I'm baking up. You wish you were a nose in my apartment right now.

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