Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In addition to apples

So, people...there's been a new development in the cravings conversation.

It started happening a few days ago, crept up on me slowly, so that I wasn't really sure it was technically a craving until last night. Last night, when it became super overwhelming.

Last night, when all I wanted to do was swim in a pool of Pine Sol.


You may or may not have heard of pica, the craving for non-food items? Like dirt and oil and toilet paper and, yes, Pine Sol. It's most common in children, but can happen during pregnancy, too. There's no explanation for why we preggos can get it, though there's some reason to believe it could relate to iron deficiency. Which I've never had, by the way, but...maybe? I sure eat a lot of cheeseburgers.

It's semi-impossible to understand until it's suddenly upon you; I know I didn't quite buy it until it started happening to me. It pretty much began out of the blue - I haven't recently smelled Pine Sol or cleaned with it or even seen it on a shelf. I just know that I NEED IT.

And so now, here I sit, munching on my PB&J English muffin, desperately wishing I could chase it with a shot of piney fresh cleaner.



  1. weird! i've never heard of that. you should be BFF with Diane Amos.

    "that's the power of pine sol, baby!"

  2. so...remember I told you I wanted to lick rocks??? ewww!! and I LOVED the smell of gas and oil, which normally make me sick...and of course, there was the every popular and oh so healthy acetone (nail polish remover) - always a fave when growing a baby. I didn't indulge, I promise!! Mom

  3. i DO remember the rock thing!! i'm not there yet, but the smell of gas is delicious. and srsly, pine sol occupies 70% of my thoughts.

    hmm there appears to be something to this "genetics" thing everyone seems to talk about...

  4. haaaaaaa i have heard of this! a friend of mine used to go outside and eat dirt after it rained when she was a kid.

    pine sol though?? never heard of it!!! so funny... maybe baby girl will be a neat freak?

  5. I love how this post comes right after your, "I wish I could say I crave something weird" post.

    One of my friends used to joke I had pica because in *cough*tipsy*cough pictures, I always pretend to be eating non-food items.


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