Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you want to know what makes me laugh

Maybe harder than anything else, watch

I sit on my couch after work and giggle until I cry. Just me and my belly and my maple cream cookies. If you're a Netflix Instanter like me, there are now a bunch of episodes ready to press play on whenever you're ready to get awesome.


  1. OMG... COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! Did we watch this in middle or high school together? I used to die laughing at this too. I need to find this on Netflix!

  2. my brother is a HUGE fan. i used to watch it with him...Barbarella is the most memorable episode.

    p.s. now that we have an xbox we are streaming netflix and it's the best thing in the entire world. all those SVU's?! i die.

  3. Being from northern WI, this was always a staple growing up. I can recite some of them word for word LOL. Definitely a comedy classic!!!

  4. I was the biggest fan of this show EVER. Thanks for reminding me to save up for the DVDs!

  5. i should really give my mom a shout out here since she's the one that got me hooked, back in jr. high. it was a treat we watched together after surviving another hellacious school week.

    @CH I think we DID watch this show together - maybe at steph's house?

    @mic um, i have watched every single SVU up thru the middle of season 9 where i'm at right now. it's a sickness. be careful.


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