Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Baby girl likes to kick me all the time, but does NOT like to be caught doing it. So while Clay has felt her move several times, it's not consistent and it's never the big ones that make me gasp. He doesn't really seem to mind, but I get obsessed.

"Put your hand here now!"

"But I'm looking at cars?"

So last night, after my cookie and tea (round 3), when she was feeling especially feisty, I ran over to his couch and placed his hand on my tum. But then, of course, nothing. Stopped dead in her tiny tracks. Radio womb silence.

So I scooted to the end of the couch and moped for a second, before I felt his feet on my bare bell. She squirmed a few times under his tread, though never gave a good enough wallop for him to feel. But while daddy and rogirl didn't meet up last night, it still made mama happy.

And look! I still have an innie!


  1. it took me a solid 15 seconds to figure out what that picture was

  2. Gasping at the cuteness of it all.

  3. awww, i love your life!

  4. i also had to cock my head to the side for a second before realizing what it was :) so cute, amy pants.

  5. haha just wait. you'll be surprised how much can change in the last month. now i have a deformed belly-button. thanks, mason ...


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