Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Until the real one comes

This is our placeholder baby. His name is Grobot.

He watches the balcony all day, alerting the doorman to any intruders.

We love him and his green grass hair and his porcelain heart.

, Grobaby. Muah.


  1. "muah, grobaby. muah" LOLOLOLOLOL.

    i need one of these. bad.

  2. love it. I think I should get one and practice on it until I'm ready to grow a real one. Do they come in hot pink ;)

  3. soooooooo cute! 'cept the real one is waayyyyy bigger. like a canteloupe size maybe?

  4. christie12:21 PM

    Wow, it actually grew hair!! The venus fly trap I bought for Cam has been a complete FAIL so far. Nothin' growing. I'm not giving up yet.

  5. @christie It worked so quick, too! Like two days? I'll hand all credit to Clay, who planted the seed. I guess he's good at that in general? Ahem ahem.

    @logan If you find a way to make grass grow hot pink, I will worship you. However, you CAN grow whatever you want in the little guy, so maybe a pinky flower would work?

    @nikki I don't have a reliable source telling me what fruit the baby is anymore - once WTE told me the "mango covered in cheese" line, I stopped going there. NotOkay.


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